Lunar Circus

Karridale, Western Australia.

Every January the Western Australian Circus Festival happens in Karridale, a small town just outside of Margaret River. Hosted by ringleader Matt Yates, also known as “Fatt Matt,” and his small army of organizers and close friends the festival is much more than the stereotypical circus. It is a pop up community of unique and eclectic individuals. It is a school where local kids train and perform in shows next to the traveling professionals. It is a place where you may end up having a beer with the guy who just ninja kicked his way through a hoop of fire.

Here there are no clear boundaries that separate performers from the crowd making the festival a melting pot of people from all walks of life interacting, camping, sharing, learning, training, and performing or just watching and having a good time. The vibe during this annual spectacle has a warm country smile and the spontaneous excitement of good Friday night house party.

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